First steps to buying a home _ Faruqi Team at Keller Williams

Buying a home (house, condo, co-op) can feel complex and overwhelming — and rightfully so — it is one of the most important decisions of your life. But with careful research and guidance, it really should not be too daunting of a task. This easy guide to home ownership will take you through the steps you will need to prepare for the journey, and get you into your dream home.   STEP ONE: FAMILY CONSENSUS Be sure the decision to purchase a home is discussed with every member of your household. If even one member of the family is against making such a life-changing decision,Read More →

In many respects, buying a condo is similar to buying a single-family home. However, there are a few considerations that are unique. In light of that, I asked real estate experts to share there best advice for someone who’s looking to buy a condo. Here’s what they had to say: Research the building to make sure it fits your needs When looking to buy a condo, do your research first. Explore target areas and narrow down what suits your lifestyle best. What is most important to you? Accessibility to work and transportation, school districts, amenities, etc. Do you prefer a garage or parking space? DoRead More →


The housing market continues to grow this year. Low mortgage rates, job, and wage growth are driving demand and enticing new players to get into the market. In fact, a large part of the new entries into the market are Millennials and first-time home buyers.   However, sometimes the road to homeownership can be complicated and being financially prepared is key. We interviewed KB Home Chief Operating Officer Matt Mandino, who shared tips on how millennials (and all first-time homebuyers) can prepare for buying and looking for a new home. First-time homebuyers made up more than 55 percent of the quarter two 2019 business forRead More →


Yes, it is true. Moving my family from Manhattan to Queens was the best decision I’ve ever made. Quick backstory: I’m a native New Yorker. My father’s family arrived to NYC from Southern Italy in 1892 and my mother’s family in 1909. We’ve been here ever since… That is five generations. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Lower Manhattan, in a neighborhood where my family had been for over a century. Out of dozens of cousins, uncles, aunts, siblings, etc., I can not think of a single family member that ever called Queens home in the history of our time in America —Read More →