When is the best time to list your property?

From which season you choose to list your home down to the month and even the day can impact how quickly your home can sell and for how much. Keep reading to learn the best time to sell a house for the quickest turnaround and the most money.

Homes listed in the spring sell faster.

According to Redfin data, homes listed in March and April not only sell the fastest, but they also sell for the most money. If we had to narrow it down to the best possible month to list your home, April reigns supreme. If April doesn’t work for your timeframe, March, and May are also excellent months to list your home. April is also perfect timing for buyers who have children looking to move and settle in so they can enjoy summer with their family before the new school year begins. 

Homes listed in the middle of the week sell for more money.

In addition to listing your home in the spring, homes listed on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday sells for $1,700 more than one listed on the weekend, and it sells nearly two days faster.  When homes are listed in the middle of the week it gives potential buyers time to view the listing online, speak to their agent, and schedule a tour for the weekend. Home sellers can then typically review offers on Monday or Tuesday the following week.

Other factors to consider when selling your home.

The local housing market: Some homes are receiving dozens of offers and selling at lightning speed for well over their listing prices. High-end single-family homes are the most likely to encounter fierce competition. So, if you are planning on selling, now might be a perfect time to talk to a listing specialist to get a more accurate idea of the housing market in your area.

Your financial situation: Buying a home is a big expenditure, and in our current market being pre-approved for a mortgage and making sure you have enough money for the downpayment on your next home is vital. 


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