According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 60% of homeowners in the United States carry a mortgage — or a home loan. The majority of first-time buyers will require a mortgage loan, but what kind? Below are some very basic FAQs about various loan types to get you started in the right direction, however we strongly advise you speak with a professional. We can even recommend a few who we have worked with for years.   Conventional Loans Conforming Loans Conventional loans that follow the terms and conditions established by the guidelines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fixed-Rate Mortgage The interest rate andRead More →

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What are the steps in buying a home? Below are the very basic steps to help you achieve your dream of being a homeowner. Though it might seem a little overwhelming — which it can be — having an experienced team on your side to guide you and handle a lot of the red tape makes a world of difference. Quick guide to buying a home STEP 1: PRE-APPROVAL This is a very important step because sellers will not grant you access without this. Preliminary documents include: W-2s, pay stubs & bank statements. You can go to any bank of your choice or we canRead More →

Here is a simple mortgage calculator to give you a general idea of what you monthly payments might look like. Of course, many variable are not taken into account here, and it is always best to speak with a professional. We can recommend trusted banker/partners if you contact us.  Read More →

Glossary & Frequently Asked Questions About Probate Issues DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the following information is intended as very generalized guidance and offered without warranty or guarantee of accuracy. We suggest you use this information to formulate specific questions to discuss with your attorney, real estate professional, personal representative, and/or executor or executrix. By accessing this page, you acknowledge that you are hereby advised that any decisions regarding probate issues should be discussed with a professional in the field of Probate Law. Glossary of Probate Terms: Probate Probate Court/Surrogate Court Executor/Executrix Joint Tenancy With Rights of Survivorship Testate Intestate Codicil   Frequently Asked QuestionsRead More →