Buying a house can be an exciting yet confusing process. It can also be frustrating when you’re trying to buy a house with bad credit and don’t know where to turn for answers. Many people rent with the dream of going through the home buying process and becoming a first-time homebuyer. But if you have bad credit, you may think homeownership is out of reach. Can you buy a house with bad credit? The answer is yes. But what does a bad credit score mean, and what are the types of home loans available to those with bad credit? We’ll answer those questions and detail the necessary stepsRead More →

A lowball offer, or an offer price that’s significantly lower than the listing price, is often rejected by sellers who feel insulted by the buyers’ disregard for their property. Most listing agents try to get their sellers to at least enter negotiations with buyers, to counteroffer with a number a little closer to the list price. However, if a seller is offended by a buyer or isn’t taking the buyer seriously, there’s not much you, or the real estate agent, can do. First, can you offer less on a house? However, as a buyer, you can take steps to increase the likelihood that your lowRead More →

After you sell your house, you’re done, right? You can walk away and celebrate? Well, not exactly! After you sell your house, you certainly should celebrate, but you have more things to think about, from tax prep to buying your next house. In “House Selling for Dummies,” authors Eric Tyson and Ray Brown layout things you can do to save money and increase your peace of mind, post-sale. 1. Keep copies of all paperwork related to the closing and settlement after you sell your house Although it might be tempting to shred the paperwork or put it in storage, you’ll want to have it handyRead More →

Buying a house has never been easy, but it would be tough to find a time that was more challenging than 2022. Homebuyers have been put into a vise by multiple economic factors, including high home prices, a historic housing shortage coupled with a spike in demand, and climbing mortgage rates. Bidding wars are common, and homebuyers are having to use creative tactics to find extra cash for down payments or appraisal gaps. Some homebuyers might even consider tapping their hard-earned 401(k) retirement fund. But is this really a wise decision? What is a 401(k)? A 401(k) is a retirement savings plan offered by many employers. If you haveRead More →

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