As we get into the second quarter of 20 20 having gone through after eight weeks of quarantine there is a lot of fear around the Real Estate market, COVID 19, and the coming future. There are a few things that are becoming the “New Norm” leading to a complete potential revamp of how homes will be selling from here on. New strategies that need to be put in place just so the sellers, buyers, agents, home inspectors, and appraisers all can participate in social distancing as a team through the transnational process. As we continue to receive more inquiries of people wanting to sellRead More →

  Pricing property during and post-Covid 19 is determined upon a few factors. First of all, the most important thing to consider is the motivation of the seller. In my opinion, as I have closely observed buyer behavior during the 2007 crash and then the price spikes we saw 2015 onwards there is much to be learned from these times. How the buyers react to the market is a determining factor in what’s ahead. You see there is no agent that can manufacture buyers. We are hired to market and expose the property, respond in a timely fashion, collaborate with other agents receive offers andRead More →

How does one even begin to predict the future or such uncertainty?  This one without a doubt took all of us with a surprise. with accepted offer pulling away suddenly. With sellers not knowing if they should halt all expectations or regret why they did not move forward with the last offer before Covid came around. Buyer wondering what hit them closing prolonged but apparently still going to happen. With all this chaos I humble myself and say there is no way to predict an outcome. There are a few things we do know. Life will continue this isolation will be over and that peopleRead More →